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AM Transmitter

Popular applications include...

  • 1/2 to 2 mile range typical coverage

  • No broadcast license required

  • Broadcast to any AM radio

  • FCC & Industry Canada Approved



The Procaster Part 15 low power transmitter is FCC approved and Industry Canada approved for legal use in the USA and Canada without a broadcast license.

Sturdy Construction
Lightweight aluminum enclosure with dual mount aluminum antenna results in low mast loading and resists bending in strong winds. Stainless steel hardware ensures a long corrosion-free life. 

Built-in Tuning Meter
Forget about complicated jumper selection and calculations. Tuning the antenna is a snap with the built-in tuning meter. Simply adjust the antenna trimmer using the included tuning tool and observe a maximum reading on the meter. Intuitive and straighforward.

Full Range Hi-Fi Sound
Featuring low distortion hi-fi sound with superb low bass response and BIG FULL sound just like commercial broadcast stations.  


Typical range is 1/2 to 2 miles depending on local conditions such as obstructions, trees and ground conductivity.

Built-in PLL Quartz Synthesizer
Choose from multiple broadcast channel frequencies. This allows you to select the quietest channel in your listening area for best range without having to order different crystals.

Built-in Audio Processor
No need to purchase additional complicated and expensive audio processors and signal conditioners. The Procaster includes built-in audio processing and limiting, saving you hundreds in additional equipment costs and reducing installation space. 

Automatic Power Control System
Keeps power output within legal limits automatically. Dynamically adjusts for varying weather conditions and maintains maximum permitted powers.

Choose from three system packages - same transmitter - different interface
(Packages include hardware, cabling and installation instructions)

Procaster AM Transmitter

with line level audio input



Procaster AM Transmitter

with MP3 message player



Procaster AM Transmitter

with Internet connectivity


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