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Procaster AM Transmitter
Weatherproof outdoor transmitter module can be flat or pole mounted. Aluminum 3-section antenna side-mounts to transmitter casing. Connects to Studio Interface with 4-conductor shielded cable.


  • Channel Frequencies  1290 - 1700kHz

  • PLL Channels  42  with 10kHz spacing

  • Fine Frequency Adjust  +/-10Hz

  • Auto Power Setting  100mW

  • Tuning Meter  Built in

  • Audio input  600 ohm balanced

Procaster AM Transmitter


  • Welded aluminum casing and cover

  • Weatherproof seal between cover and case

  • Stainless steel hardware

  • Antenna  Side mount 3-section

  • Size  8.2in L x 4in W x 3.2in H

  • Weight   1.9 lb (excluding antenna)

  • Mounting  4 slots on 7.2in x 2in centres

  • Antenna mounting  4in centres

  • Finish  UV-resistant outdoor polyester

procaster inside view trans.png
case no antenna oblique trans.png
Procaster AM Transmitter telescopic side-mounted antenna
Telescopic Antenna

Telescopic antenna and mounting hardware
Mounts to side of transmitter using dual mounts. Includes 2 x #10 stainless locknuts and 2 stainless hose clamps.Mounting: 4in centres on 5/8in section.


  • Construction:  0.058in wall T6 aluminum

  • Sizes:   3/8in   1/2in   5/8in  diameter

  • Length:  3ft each section

  • Assembled length:   104in

  • Connection method:  compression using hose clamps over slots

  • Weight:  1.5lb

Studio Interface
Studio Interface
Studio Interface inside view

Studio Interface
Connects to outdoor transmitter via 4-conductor cable. Accepts line level audio input and power for entire system. Includes adjustable compressor/limiter and modulation depth.


  • Audio level level input:  200mV - 3V adjustable

  • Audio processor may be turned off when using external audio processor

  • Compressor settings:  1:1  2:1  5:1  10:1

  • Audio limiter: automatic

  • Modulation depth:  adjustable

  • Audio output:  600 ohm balanced

  • Audio drive:  up to 250ft

  • Power input (system):  12VDC @ 80mA

  • Solar panel compatible:   yes


  • Black ABS plastic with aluminum cover

  • Size:   3.4in L x 2.4in W x 1.1in H

  • Weight:  5 oz

  • Mounting:  2 holes on flanges on 3.9in centres

Studio MP3 Interface
Studio MP3 Interface front view

Studio MP3 Interface

  • Connects to outdoor transmitter via 4-conductor cable

  • Includes line level audio input

  • Plays MP3 files from standard USB Flash drives

  • MP3 files play sequentially or shuffled

  • Includes adjustable compressor/limiter and modulation depth

  • Provides power for Procaster transmitter

  • USB Flash drive included

Studio MP3 Interface rear view
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